Lourdes Transport

MAY 2020
Rider Applications for September 2020 are OPEN. 
Application window closes on Friday, 3rd July 2020 

Single £535
Double £890 must be siblings living in the same house

Triples please contact mactransport@lourdesmac.org.uk

APRIL 2020

1st April 2020

MAC Transport will temporarily cease from the 4th April 2020 until our schools reopen.  If Key workers require transport for their
child during this period please notify your child’s schools when registering for a place or email mactransport@lourdesmac.org.uk

We are still in the process of calculating the over payments which will be credited back to parents.  We will send an email to all parents/carers of current riders  notifying them of their options. 

MARCH 2020
Update 25 03 2020

At this point we do not know when our schools will re-open.

Please instruct your bank to cease making payments to MAC transport for the foreseeable future. 
Any over payments will be returned.

Please email your queries to finance@lourdesmac.org.uk

Applications for September 2020 are now open.

We will continue to provide transport all children of Key Workers attending Saint Augustine’s and St Bede’s.  Please ensure you have indicated on the Key Workers registration that you require transport for your child.  We will continue to pick children up from our current routes which can be found by clicking the View Routes icon. 

Please email queries to mactransport@lourdesmac.org.uk

Transport Routes Update
The routes which can be viewed under the ‘View Routes’ icon, will be used for the first week of term.  The new routes will then be used hereafter and these will be published later in the week.

The service run by the Our Lady of Lourdes Multi Academy Company covers the Bromsgrove and surrounding areas and serves St Bede’s Catholic Middle School and St Augustine’s Catholic High School.  Applications are made directly to Lourdes Transport for this services.  

The safety and welfare of the riders is paramount therefore the service is provided using well equipped coaches driven by DBS checked and experienced drivers.   Behaviour in very important and misbehaviour will not be tolerated.  Each rider must sign a behaviour contract before they will be permitted to use the transport provision.

The final routes will be published after the application deadline.  The current pickup/drop off points will remain if there is a child wishing to board from that point.  New points will be added to accommodate new post code points along  the  route in operation.  Therefore it is advisable to refer to the current routes for information.

Fares are as follows:  

  • Single rider £535
  • Double fares £890
    • to qualify for the double fare the riders must be siblings living at the same address.
  • Fares can be paid in 9 instalments, a £15 administration charge will be incurred.

For families with more than three siblings please contact mactransport@lourdesmac.org.uk

As Our Lady of Lourdes Multi Academy Company makes a contribution to the running of the transport services the fares stated are therefore non-negotiable.  Students in receipt of Pupil Premium can make applications directly to their school to be considered for financial support.

Worcestershire County Council provide assistance for those meeting their criteria.  Applications must be made directly to Worcestershire County Council for consideration.  Please visit http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20045/school_and_college_travel for further information.

6th Form Students

We are able to offer a term by term charge for 6th form students, subject to availability. Please contact mactransport@lourdesmac.org.uk.


For information on Local Authority Transport please use the links below: