Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Admission Arrangements

Information on our school admissions can be found on the school websites:


Admissions – St Thomas More Catholic First School (stthomasmorefirst.com)

Admissions – Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School (mountcarmelfirstschool.co.uk)

Admissions – St Peters Catholic First school (stpeters-bromsgrove.co.uk)

Admission – St Bede’s Catholic Middle School (Academy) (st-bedes.worcs.sch.uk)

Admissions – Trinity Catholic School (trinity-school.org.uk)

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Policies

OLOL Conflict of Interest Policy

OLOL Complaints policy for academy schools

OLOL Data Protection Policy

OLOL Central Services Team Complaints-Policy-January 2021.

OLOL Health and Safety Policy

OLOL Lettings policy

OLOL Governors allowance Policy

OLOL Whistleblowing Policy

OLOL IR35 Policy

OLOL Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

OLOL Recruitment and Selection Policy inc Safer Recruitment

OLOL Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

OLOL Behavior statement 2020

OLOL Equal Opportunities Policy

OLOL Directors and Governors Expenses Policy

OLOL Reserves Policy

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi – Academy Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference Local Governing Body COMMITTEE

Terms of Reference Directors Risk and Audit COMMITTEE

Terms of Reference Directors FULL BOARD


Terms of Reference Directors Curriculum and Standards COMMITTEE


We are in the process of merging with The Holy Family Multi-Academy Company to form a new company Our Lady of the Magnificat Multi-Academy Company.  Any policies due to be reviewed have been given an automatic extension to the end of 2021, when all new policies will be formed under the new Company.