Our Lady of Lourdes Central Services Team

Welcome to the Central Team 

The Central Services Team at Our Lady of Lourdes offers a wide range of services to our schools, to allow them to concentrate on education, whilst we take care of the operational and service side on their behalf.

Operational Areas

The Central Team have responsibility for the four main operational areas Finance, Human Resources, Premises and Information Technology.  In addition, we have a centrally appointed Data Protection Officer,  Data Manager and Catering Lead and provide advice and support on Governance to our Local Governing Bodies on behalf of our Directors.  

The Team

Our Central Team is based at The Oaks business park in Redditch.  The team have access to excellent office, meeting and training facilities which can also be utilised by our schools.  Many of the Central team are peripatetic and are deployed to our schools.  

Introducing our Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Mrs Ann Cullwick

Ann joined Saint Augustine’s Catholic High school in September 2006 as a Finance and Specialist Schools Officer.  Ann became the School Business Manager within two years and led the conversion of all four schools to Academy status and the incorporation of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC in July 2014. 
In April 2020, Ann supported St Thomas More Catholic School Leadership as they converted to Academy status and joined the Multi Academy.

Ann is the driving force behind the growth of the Central Services Team and is passionate about enabling School Leadership Teams to focus on teaching and learning by lifting the burden off operational duties.  Ann is also the Company Secretary and supports the Directors in providing Governance support.

Ann is a member of the Executive team, Finance and Resources Committee and Risk and Audit Committee.


Central Team managed by Mrs Ann Cullwick Chief Finance and Operations Officer/Company Secretary 

Mr Matt Setchell IT Services Lead

Mr Ray Cullwick  Estates and Facilities Lead

Mr Luke Payton Data Protection Officer

Mrs Kate Bates Finance Manager

Mrs Emma Allen Catering Lead

Mrs Julie Hardy HR Officer

Mrs Maria Jenkins Data Manager 

Mrs Steph O’Reily Administrator/Central HR 

Miss Lilly Mattimoe Clerk to the Board of Directors – Maternity Leave

Finance Team – Managed by Mrs Kate Bates

Central Based:

Mrs Angela McAnally Finance Officer

Mrs Leanne Sankey Finance Officer 

Ms Caroline Philips Finance Clerk

School Based:

Mrs Leanne Sankey Finance Officer – Saint Augustine’s

Mrs Becky Baker Finance Clerk – Saint Augustine’s

Mrs Denise Menzies Finance Officer – St Bedes

Mrs Sally Hatfield Finance Clerk – St Bedes

Mrs Kathryn Keay Finance Officer – St Peters

Mrs Kerry Birkinshaw Finance Officer – Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Mrs Helen Kimberley OM/ Finance Officer– St Thomas More

Estates Team – Managed by Mr Ray Cullwick

School Based:

Mr Mark Hawkins – Saint Augustines

Mr Paul Dainity – St Bedes

Mr Ray Sucking – St Peters

Mr Paul Bunegar – Various

Mr Leigh Shakespeare – Various

Mr Keith Lutwyche – Various

Central Offices - The Oaks